Health and Safety Representatives Initial OHS Training


This WorkSafe approved OHS training course aims to provide Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) with the skills, knowledge and confidence to represent their designated work group by providing workplace health and safety training to help make their workplace safer.

The training aims to give HSRs the basic knowledge and skills to exercise their
powers and rights effectively as an HSR.

Under section 67 of the Victoria OHS Act 2004 an employer, if requested, must allow an elected HSR and elected Deputy HSR to attend a WorkSafe approved HSR OHS Training Course on paid time off work, pay the cost of the course and any other associated costs. Section 67 also allows HSRs to choose the approved training course they attend in consultation with their employer.

Although HSRs are the primary audience, managers and supervisors or anyone with an interest in workplace health and safety training may also benefit by attending this course.

NOTE You must complete the Request to Attend WorkSafe Approved Training form and submit it before attending your workshop to

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