Tailored Learning Solutions

Australian Institute of Leadership and Safety (AILS) delivers practical and effective training programs customised to your work context.
Our training can support the strategic goals of your business by identifying and overcoming barriers to better performance, improving the knowledge, skills and capabilities of your work teams and deliver results.

Why you Partner with us?

Higher Returns on Your Training Investment: courses are designed specially to enhance the skills and knowledge of your employees. Rather than using generic training materials. Packages can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation and particular industry setting.

Customised solutions: Courses are customised to suit your goals, timelines, staff development needs and enhance your business outcomes so you can align your training with your business strategy.

Effective Transfer of Skills and Knowledge into the Workplace: courses are developed around real issues that your business is facing, and deliver our training based on innovative methods and trending skills to ensure your people receive practical and applicable learning to the workplace more effectively.

Specific Learning Content: learning content that can ensure consistency of language across your workforce, addressing your culture and your “ways of doing things”.

Transfer of Expertise: courses can be customised with input from leading experts in their respective fields, our skilled and innovative facilitators understand your business needs and remain focused on your objectives throughout all aspects of your AILS training programs to ensure your employees learn from a credible subject matter expert and directly apply this knowledge to help grow your organisation.

Flexible Delivery Methods: courses can be delivered in-house, online or as a blended learning solution to maximise transfer of knowledge, minimise down-time and disruption to operations.