Lead Auditor in Quality Management System (QMS) and OHS Management System(OHSMS).


Are you looking for a lead auditor qualification In Quality Management Systems (QMS)and OHS Management Systems (OHMS) to demonstrate competent skills in audit training and management? Then AILS has the right auditor course for you.

This course is designed for those who require full knowledge of how to conduct an audit across the two disciplines of quality Management System (QMS) and OHS management systems (OHSMS). This is the most effective and efficient method to understand the requirements of an integrated management system. and ideally suited to those who have to develop, implement, maintain, improve, manage or audit against multiple disciplines. Our Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor course will leave you ready to hit the ground running

Course participants will receive comprehensive training in the theory and practice of auditing to gain a practical understanding of the responsibilities of a quality auditor, and the techniques and methodologies required to effectively audit a quality management system.

Are you involved in auditing, system development or system maintenance?

Why are Integrated Quality Management and OHS Management Systems in demand?


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